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Read more about our CORE values of Collaboration, Openess, Respect and Empowerment.

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Statement of Agreed Principles

Working in partnership with key medical stakeholder organisations, NSW Health launched the Statement of Agreed Principles on a Respectful Culture in Medicine. It sets out the endorsing organisations' commitment to building a respectful, safe and inclusive environment for our young doctors in training and by extension all staff and patients.

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People Matter Employee Survey

The NSW People Matter Employee Survey is open to all employees across the NSW Government sector and provides an opportunity for almost 400,000 employees to have a say about their workplace and to help make the public sector a better to work.

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JMO Wellbeing and Support

NSW Health is looking at ways to better support the health and wellbeing of the junior medical workforce.

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JMO Support Line

The JMO Support Line is a support and advice service provided by NSW Health for junior medical staff.

Call 1300 JMO 321 or 1300 566 321 to make a confidential appointment.

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Roundtable with Medical Colleges Oct 2019

On 11 October 2019, the NSW Health and Specialist Medical Colleges Roundtable was held. The purpose of the Roundtable was to reflect on the progress made to improve medical culture since the signing of the Statement of Agreed Principles on a Respectful Culture in Medicine, the respective roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders and to look at how accreditation processes could be improved.

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